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Book Report Memorandum 4

Book Report Memorandum


The book report is about a book named The Richest Man In Babylon. The Richest Man In Babylon, written by George Samuel Clason, is a book about management of personal finance through a collection of parables set in ancient Babylon. The stories are laid out like Aesop's fables: each story has a concrete point or two that becomes apparent from reading and digesting the message. These points are basic tenets of how to get ahead financially in any time, not just in Babylonian times or in the 1920s.

In Babylon there is a man who is wealthier than all and there is another poor man deeply interested in how he has achieved such status so he begins to make daily visits to his house on the hill, bringing others along, to learn the lessons that created such wealth. The wealthy man is open to share his keys to success and the others intently listens as he tells stories and experiences in his life that get across the most fundamental techniques of personal money management, savings and investment.

What the wealthy man shares to the public is collected in different stories. The most popular stories are Seven Cures for a Lean Purse and The Five Laws of God. These two stories provide practical points for managing personal finance by seven methods and five laws.

The lessons which the poor man had learned and applied to his life were remarkable, and this slave had managed to turn his life around by applying the principles and lessons he had learned. He had documented everything he had learned and his progress on clay tablets, which were later found in the 1930's by archaeologists and professors at a university. These professors had then...