The Road And Water Car         The floating car was inspired

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The Road And Water Car The floating car was inspired by a man named Breden O' Leary. I do not know if he was the first to design this car but he came up with the idea when he first saw a flood that carried many cars down the river. He thought maybe he could design a car that could drive on land and float on water. He named this car the "Amphicar". He rode it in many parades and festivals and showed it off to the public. He even fished in it and took his kids on many trips on the vast rivers and oceans.

This car was soon designed by many car companies and sold to a large number of people. It soon came in many colors such as black, white, light blue, yellow, and any kind of color you wanted.And today they are not being sold but many other kind of cars are designed and some still in the designing stage.

Amphicars were a big part of history for auto-mechanics and many sciences. This car runs on water not gas and had basically the same engine as a regular car.

Many had diffrent designs for the floating car or some refer to it as the "Amphicar". Some sank to the bottom of rivers, lakes, and oceans. And also people laughed when people mentioned a floating car that could drive on the road and float on the water but were surprised by the tabloids on the local newspaper. This floating car is a astonishing break-through and anyone who designed a working design deserves recognition.

By: Nick Chebli