Robin Hood

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Tyler Grenier

Mrs. Kudrik

English IV Period 2

21 October 2010

Robin Hood

Throughout the centuries, there have been numerous poems, songs, plays, stories, and movies that have focused upon one subject in English lore, Robin Hood. Discussions of whether Robin Hood actually existed has plagued scholars throughout the centuries; my findings through the research of several historians have found evidence that indicated that such a individual did exist and he existed in the twelfth century man named, Robert Kyme. An example of this was an anonymous work entitled "A Little Gest of Robyn Hude, which first appeared in print around 1500 A.D. but seemed to have been composed in the mid-to-late 1300s" (Did Robin Hood Really Exist).

Robert Kyme's lineage can be traced back to 1066 A.D., starting with Lord William de Kyme. It is widely believed among many historians that "Robin Hood descended from the Kyme family lineage" (Polidoro).

The Kyme family resided in the Barnsdale area of the Yorkshire township (county) and was considered upper middle class in those days. Although there were no official records of Kyme's birth, he was believed to be born around 1160 A.D in the township of Nottinghamshire in an area neighboring Barnsdale. This date is based on a single entry made on a Nottinghamshire church scroll. The Kyme family was highly regarded as fair and generous to those individuals living in and around the township of Barnsdale. Although Kyme was borne of noble Saxon blood "Kyme did not succeed to the title and did not respond to demands of the courts" (Pyle 133). The fairness and generosity they showed would later become their down fall.

The period of King Henry II's reign of England (1154 A.D to 1189 A.D.) was a dark...