"Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry"; Passed Down for Generations.

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Mildred Taylor's historical fiction novel, "Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry", is an illustration of how slavery was during the Great Depression. It wasn't that the treatment of blacks was new. In fact, slavery had been happening for many years prior to this novel. Slavery had begun many years before this when the ancestors of these people had been shipped over here to America for the white people to purchase as laborers. The feelings that the blacks experienced as slaves though, had been carried on throughout many generations. In fact, these same feelings became a basis for values, perceptions of their families both individually and collectively and a source of their knowledge. These same feelings were passed down from many generations in the Logan family. Their fight to keep their land as well as their dignity can be seen throughout the entire novel. This is seen clearly when Big Ma tells Cassie about Paul Edward, Cassie's Grandfather.

Through this story from Big Ma, Cassie gains knowledge of many characteristics about her family that are important including family pride, determination, hard work, and loyalty.

Once we find out about Paul Edward's deep sense of ownership and pride for his land, it isn't surprising that Cassie's entire family share the same feelings of pride and ownership. As Big Ma shares her account, it becomes evident that Paul cared very much for his land and that he took a great amount of pride in it. They had worked very hard to sow, plant, and reap the crops. In Big Ma's account she says, "I'm sho' glad your grandpa never had to see none of this. He dearly loved these here old trees" (89.) She knew that if he would have been around to see the white man taking...