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The major strengths of Romania are the plentiful workforce, low wages, and the accessibility of large domestic market. It's in a strategic location to tap a market of 200 million people. Additionally, workers specialize in engineering and technical fields.

The political climate is going in the right direction to support foreign businesses. It has the natural beauty to develop tourism. The inflation rate is going down and in 2000, they changed to a "global income tax".

Some weaknesses are unresolved property issues, discrimination (Roma), Inflation rate, "red tape", the hidden economy that undermines the actual economy, confusing tax structure, and the high cost of doing business (rent, utilities, office furniture, etc.).

Lastly, they're paranoid that other countries look down on them.

I think if they can resolve some of the internal problems, they will be very attractive to foreign investors and become an important part of Europe's economy.

The biggest benefit I gained from doing this project was the information about the Gypsies (ethnic Romas). I learned things that surprised me!