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Its time, we need a night to ourselves. With our everyday hectic lives its nice to have some quiet time by ourselves once in a while. Just to take our minds off of everything else and spend it on each other. I want to have a natural beautiful setting around us with piece and quiet. I know just where we can go, to the lake. It is important that I make sure that there is a spot for us and I need to make sure that it isn’t crowded. I don’t want to go out there and find out that it is packed. I also want to check the weather and make sure its not going to rain. First I need to make a list of things I need to bring. I am making a list so I don’t forget anything. I will need a blanket to lay on the grass, glasses, plates, silverware, drinks, food, battery lit candles, and bug spray if course.

I make sure that the candles have new batteries in them and bring some extras just in case we need them. The next thing I need to do is make the desert. I can make pound cake with strawberries his favorite desert. So I decide to take the quick way out, buy the pound cake, and purchase fresh strawberries. I bring it home and slice up the strawberries and mike them with just enough sugar to take away the tartness. Then I take out the pound cake and put small holes in it so that the juice can run through the cake. I pour the strawberries over the cake and then cover it up. I can also cheat and buy some Chinese take out food. For the drinks I think we will just have white grape juice the kind that is in a wine bottle. Since we will be driving there is no need for alcohol. Now I have placed my order at the Chinese restaurant. I have gathered all of the things on my list except for the food and I take off to the lake. Once there I try to find the most beautiful surroundings. A place that I know he will enjoy. I’ve found it, with a few gorgeous full trees starting to change their leaves for fall. The breath taking view of the lake, with the little ripples in the water. I can hear the sound of the small waves splashing against the large rocks. I feel the comforting cool wind that comes off of the water and onto my skin. This place is just the quiet vacant spot with no one around that I am looking for. I call to make sure that he will meet me here at eight o’clock. I need to hurry, it is now its seven fifteen and that only gives me forty-five minutes to get everything ready and into its place. So I grab my things from the car and head over to our romantic spot. I take out the red flannel blanket and put it down making sure that it is spread out evenly and in just the right spot. I take out the candles making sure I place them right in the middle of the blanket. Then I set down the plates and the silverware. I place the set of plates and silverware neatly across from each other. Then I take out the cake and white grape juice and place it next to each other on the blanket. I remember that I need to go and get the food. Returning from the restaurant I remember to grab the bug spray. I make sure to put it on before I get around the food. Now that I am back at the blanket with the food I place it on the plates. I take off to the nearest trash bin to dispose of the evidence. There is no need for him to know that I hadn’t made this dinner myself. Walking back to our spot at the lake I look to make sure that it is going to put a smile on his face. Everything looks so beautiful, the weather and the surroundings couldn’t be any better than they are right now. Once I return to the blanket I make sure that the candles are turned on. Its time I see his car pulling up the road. He stops and turns off the car climbing out of it and starts walking towards me. With a big bright smile on his face his says what did I do to deserve all of this and continues on to say I don’t think that I will ever be able to match what you have done here tonight. He follows it up by saying I love you. The words that I always want to hear and my heart just pounding with pride, love and happiness.