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'Artists react to the world around them' Interpret the work of a group of artists who have explored humanity.

below is all correct but daoesnt start answering the questioon. you need to adapt this info and use language/twist the info to answer the question

Romanticism is an artistic movement in which thrived in Europe from the late 18th to the 19th century. This movement was the consequence of the reaction against the formal logic of Neoclassicism as it allowed artists to glorify nature,and moving to personal sources of inspiration for subject matter and artistic style. Romantic artists held further freedom to develop style, medium choice and emotional attitude towards nature, expressing their personal response to a subject or emotion. Their subject matter was essentially emotional opposed to intellectual; artists were able to explore their feelings, particularly terror. Among the romantic artists, many explored the evil and darkness of humanity as a reaction to the world around them.

Inhuman events holding political dispute influences the artists to create works that express their personal emotions on the events occurring in their world. This is the qu now - relates to the world around them

Théodore Gericault's painting, Raft of the Medusa, expresses a confronting political protest to the true event of the Medusa ship in 1816. It portrays the moment in time when the last survivors of the wrecked Medusa ship attempt to wave down the vessel that will save them. Géricault reacts to this tragic event through his intense emotional representations of hope and hopelessness in many features of the composition. The dramatic tension in the composition is expressed in the actual raft itself and the movement of the figures. The raft appears to be quite unstable due to the large wave towards the left corner threatening to engulf the raft.