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1. Roman Empire Latin's actual founded Rome, they were fairly primitive.

The Etruscans had a lot of influence on what actual became the Roman culture. They flourished around 700-500 B.C.E. Location was Tuscany in Italy. They were really important because they had large fleet of ships, which enabled them to control the western Mediterranean. The Etruscans controlled the waters with their ships and because of this they control the trade.

The Greeks and Phonations also helped contributed to the culture of the Romans. 2. Etruscans (Picture 1) Sarcophagus of the spouses, 520 B.C.E. (Living with Art) They had a cheerful idea of death. This is shown by the pose of the couple on the Sarcophagus. The pose was typical of Greek potion for eating and we know how much Greeks liked their food! In this pose they are basically having a party in this potion is when they would talk to their friends and eat.

They have an archaic smile and are holding each other, indicated by the hand around the back of her shoulder. The single blanket covering them indicates they were married.

The medium is terracotta; the hair and smiles (archaic) is stylized. The is no waist because they did not care about the skeletal structure.

3. Etruscans (Picture 2) Apollo, 520-500 B.C.E. (Adventures in"¦ # 72) From the Portonaccio Temple, Veii, Etruscan.

This terracotta figure has a lot of features that are different than Greek norms.

1. Apollo has clothes on, medium is different from a norm of marble to terracotta (clay), not free standing like the Greek statues but more like Egyptian statues coming out of the stone, does not show muscles to indicate movement or form. The only somewhat defined muscles are in the chest area.

2. Apollo has an archaic smile, and is...