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In the Roman time there has been many great achievements. They built many things such as an Aqueduct and Arch domes. The Romans were great at the thing that they knew how to do. In the paragraph below the human alteration will be about the Aqueducts, Arch domes, and Mansions.

The Human Alteration is the Aqueduct. The aqueduct is a bridge-like structure that carried water to the towns in Rome and other parts of Italy. The aqueduct was a public bath so that everyone could take showers and baths. The wealthy people had there own water pipes installed in their house. Also the aqueduct was a meeting ground or a place for women and men to talk to each other.

Another Human Alteration is the Arches and Domes that the Romans built. The Romans improved the arches and domes. The most famous dome structure is "The Pantheon", a temple to all the Roman gods.

Also the Romans introduces a new structure was the Bath of Caracal, which was an massive construction whose vaulted roofs were supported by arches.

The last Human Alteration was the mansion. The Romans built mansion only for the new class of wealthy people. The wealthy built lavish mansions and filled it with luxuries imported form the east. Wealthy families bought huge estates, called latifundia, which were worked on by slaves or peasants that were captured in the war. And that is what all Human Alteration about Aqueducts, Arches and Domes, and Mansions