Romeo and Juliet

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Isaiah Ankrah Mr. Parkes ENG-9D-01 Dec 20, 2012 William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet Essay

William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, is a tragic story about the struggles that people go through for love. The passage I read so far gives details that the protagonist, Romeo, has just escaped from a party that he wasn't invited to. Upon his escape, he journeys to the Capulet's backyard to express his feelings to his lovely Juliet. In this essay, I will be exploring different ideas such as: the theme of this passage, how Romeo and I are alike, and also the different poetic devices that this passage uses between Romeo and Juliet. To begin with, love is a very big theme in this passage. In this situation Romeo expresses his love for Juliet, from the shadows. The main reason why love plays a big theme in this passage is that Romeo is showing and expressing his care for Juliet.

For example, in the passage Romeo says " It is my lady oh it is my love " (2. 2.10). This quote basically means, "it's the lady I love". It also passionately summarizes his feelings for Juliet. As you can see, love is a huge theme in this passage. Secondly, in this passage (2.2.1-25), there are a lot of poetic devices such as metaphors, alliteration, word picture and etc. But the two main devices that are really common in this passage are, metaphors and personifications. An example of a metaphor in Romeo and Juliet is when Romeo says "her eye discourses, I will answer it". This line basically means that she looks as if she is questioning something and he will answer her thought. Another metaphor that this passage holds is when Romeo says "She speaks yet she says...