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Essay by Nathan53 May 2014

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Nathan Andrade

Ms. Le Blanc

Freshman English

6 January 2014

The Death Penalty

Do you think the death penalty is right thing to do? I certainly do not think that the death penalty is the right way to punish someone. Well George and Lennie have a father-son like relationship they both have each other's back. The death of Curley's wife was an accident; she was killed by Lennie because she let him touch her hair and he wouldn't let go. So she started to panic and Lennie didn't want to get into any more trouble so he tried to silence her but that resulted in her dyeing. But me personally I don't think the death penalty is the right thing to do some reasons why is: no crime is worth killing someone over, I believe that just imprisonment is the best punishment by all means not killing someone and it is basically having the right to legally murder someone that is unmoral plus two wrongs do not make a right.

These are the reasons why the death penalty is the wrong way to punish a criminal.

One reason why I am against the death penalty is no matter how tragic the crime is no criminal should be killed at all. For example if someone were to commit murder the murderer should not legally killed. According to the eighth amendment the death penalty is unconstitutional because the eighth amendment states "nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted". The death penalty is beyond cruel and unusual punishment their killing someone for a crime. That is one reason why I stand against the Death Penalty.

Another reason why the death penalty is wrong is because prisons are made for a reason to keep criminals "locked away" or kept away from us. There is no...