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A Rose for Emily Emily's Father Throughout this story, the overbearing presence of Emily Grierson's father is perhaps the greatest influence on her behavior. The story describes how Miss Emily's father rejected her suitors by standing in front of her and aggressively clutching a horsewhip whenever the young men came to call. Without her fathers influence and overprotective behavior it is likely that Emily would have made one of her suitors her husband when she was still of suitable marrying age for that time period.

When Emily's father died the women of the town called on her to offer their condolences and aid as was their custom when someone suffered a tragic loss. Emily met the ladies at the door and with no trace of emotion or grief on her face she sent them away explaining that her father was indeed alive and well. Emily kept this up for three days and finally gave in just as the townspeople were going to forcibly take the body from her.

All of her life up until his death Emily's father controlled her and made all of her decisions for her. When he died Emily was left alone finally able live her own life, but since her father had been controlling her for so long she wasn't able to function without him. Since she wasn't able to function without his presence Emily chose to live her life as if her father was still with her. She spent the majority of her time inside of her house because that was where she could best feel her father's comforting dominance.

Emily was extremely resistant to modern changes in the outside world affecting her own world because she was determined to live in the past with the ghost of her father. When...