how roy bradbury builds tension

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Roy Bradbury builds up tension by using introduction "the little town was deep far away from everything, kept to itself by a river and a forest and a ravine". The author uses the introduction to make an opening. This gives the reader the setting of the town.

With the help of personification "screen doors whined". He creates a tension this shows that the hole town is abandoned with people in their houses scared to come out cause of the lonely one.

He shows the fear of the lonely one by "want catch me out at night on a night like this, not with the lonely one strangling women lock myself in with my gun" this shows how the hole town is scared of the lonely one.

Lavinias physical reaction is shown with "she was cold February cold" this creates a tension cause its in the middle of summer with heat so hot.

This creates a tension for the reader because they slightly feel a chill go up there spine.

Short sentences create a tension like music creates tension in a movie. "just run,run,run"if this was a movie scene the music would be fast and that's used the short sentences. But if we were describing the area the sentences would be long and the msic would be slow.

The techniques used by Ray Bradbury uses tension to create a good scene is really effective the reader can feel how the character is feeling. If he writes that something bad is about to happen but doesn't say what it is the reader finds them self's holding their breth.