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Justice is defined as "the principle of fairness" and "the ideal of moral equity" (1). This is quite a pleasant idea of the world and the criminal justice system; however, justice cannot be defined in such an idealistic way. There are many definitions of justice and it is constantly changing because people's ideas are continuously shifting. Within the definitions of justice there is always the question of how justice can occur for everyone. The movie "The Hurricane" clearly shows many of these questions and flaws within the criminal justice system. Rubin Carter is wrongfully accused of murder in "The Hurricane." Wrongful conviction is definitely an example of one of the many problems involved in criminal justice and corrections. People are wrongfully convicted because of certain flaws in policing and judicial systems. The main problems with the criminal justice systems is the misuse of power and the attempt to carry out the idea of justice; even though justice can be thought of in many different ways and through many different circumstances.

The main components of the movie which will be discussed in this paper will include police, courts and corrections along with ideas of criminal justice, social justice and civil justice.

Main components of criminal justice are the police, courts and corrections. Functions of these systems consist of social control, maintaining the charter of rights and freedoms and rehabilitation (in some cases). The movie "The Hurricane" does a very good job of showing society that the criminal justice system does have flaws. Being more critical of whether or not police, courts and corrections are making justice their primary focus is also emphasized in this movie.

Power seems to be a big problem within the criminal justice systems; this is also evident in "The Hurricane...