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Russia, whose official name is the Russian federation, is the largest country in the world. It is 17,075,400 square km and is twice the size of the USA, 73% of the country being urban and 27% rural. The population recorded in 1997 was 147,231,000 among which there are many religions such as atheism, Russian orthodox, Islam, Protestantism, Roman Catholicism and Judaism. Even though Russia is a huge country a large proportion, approximately 99% is literate which gives the impression of a country that values education as an important part of their lives. This is further expressed by the three major universities in the country that have had great success, these are the Moscow State University, St. Petersburg University and Gorky State University. These three universities are located in three of the five major cities in Russia. The first is Moscow, which is the capital of Russia and the industrial, cultural, political, scientific and educational centre of the country.

The others are St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Ghaterinburg and Samara.1

The government is called the Federal Assembly which is composed of the Federation council and the State Duma. The Federal Council consists of 178 member upper house and the State Duma consists of 450 member lower house. Russia has a head of State called the President and the Head of government called the Prime Minister. This government is voted in by the general public as long as they are above the required age of 18 years old.

Russia owes a major part of its income to its natural features such as the regions of the East European plain, West Siberian plain and Central Siberian plateau. There are also many mountain ranges, the highest peak being El'brus at 18,481 ft. However even with these beautiful sites it has a harsh climate that...