It's All Their Fault

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Blame the movies! Blaming media outlets is often the first conclusion reached when a child or a young adult has committed a violent crime. If not the movies, then music, television and video games are blamed. However, the media is not the first place where the finger needs to be pointed. What parents and organizations against movie violence need to realize is that Hollywood is just that, Hollywood. Movies, games and TV are forms of entertainment and are works of fantasy. Parents need to ask themselves what is more important, their child seeing a shoot-out on TV, or being caught in one on the way home from school. Real life violence is far more important than fictional violence. Actors and movie directors are not in charge of making the world a safer place, lawmakers are. Politicians are making millions off of the three biggest killers in America: alcohol, tobacco and firearms.

Lawmakers look the other way as these industries kill people year after year while taking their campaign contributions and doing nothing to stop them. However, when one child kills someone because they might have seen it in the movies, a huge uproar occurs and Hollywood is immediately criticized. The fact remains that most teenagers are smart enough to realize what they see in the movies are not real and know how to respond. Parents need to stop spending so much time finding ways around movie violence and worry about raising their children appropriately and responsibly.

" is not television that makes young people violent, or keeps them from relating to others. It is the absence of other ingredients that makes for a fulfilling life" (Edgar 35).

Blaming TV and the movies is often a "cop out", an easy solution to the problem, where as parents should be looking at...