Speech: It's Our Responsibility

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Responsibility: Defined by the devils dictionary as - a detachable burden easily shifted to the shoulders of God, Fate, Fortune, Luck or one's neighbour.

In today's society it appears to be much easier, to place our responsibility onto someone else. "It's not my fault, so it's not my responsibility! .... It's the day-care's fault, the school's fault, our parents fault, the cop's fault..." Has anyone else ever heard these excuses, or used them themselves?

We all have an obligation to take responsibility for our actions and to care for our friends and neighbours, though it seems that in today's society, many of us are not willing to do so. In any school community, anywhere in the world today, classic examples of a neglect of personal responsibility can be observed. Littering, being late for class, forgetting books, not doing homework or turning a blind eye to bullying! In our youth these are minimal responsibilities, but their neglect can set a pattern of irresponsibility for life.

So how do we turn this around? Where are our positive role models?

Certainly not one serial killer who is quoted as saying, "I raped and killed them women because I was abused when I was a child." Was he a product of his environment? Blame the parents! Blame the fact that he grew up poor! And since he used a gun, blame the gun manufacturers!! It's a terrifying thought that there are people who think like this.

Certainly not the Brisbane Community that ignored the awful plight of Ms Delmae Barton on 7th. March this year.

Delmae Barton, an elderly, well-respected aboriginal woman, collapsed on arrival at a local bus stop. All the contents of her bag fell out on to the pavement. Ms. Barton had suffered a stroke! Did anyone stop to help her?...