It's a Dog Eat Dog World Out There...Except For the Dogs

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"It's s Dog Eat Dog World Out There"…. Except for the Dogs

Oscar Trenam '16

The American Pet Products Association has been tracking pet spending data since 1994, and since 1994 the dollars spent have increased nearly 50% (this number is adjusted for inflation). Americans spent nearly $60 billion on their pets in 2013. This number does not include the hundreds of millions of dollars given to the charities pulling our heart strings with images of animals in cages and shelters and Sarah Mclachlan singing "In the Arms of An Angel". Yet we indulge ourselves by eating the meat from animals in much worse living conditions, but that is another story.

So how are these dollars being spent? Dogs and cats mostly. Americans spent nearly the same in dollars for cats and dogs in the categories of food, vet care and medicine-but there is a strong break when it comes to nonessential spending.

If your dog is restless or bored, you can take him to doggie daycare, where indoor pools and organic treats and shade trees abound. In SF there were too many to count, and apparently millions more in funding to come. SF Hound Lounge opened its 7,000 sq foot facility in 2002, where your dog can play with like-sized dogs or 'nap on comfy hammocks' for a single visit fee of $42/day. Dogpile Dogs boasts a 22,000 square foot space and fancy dogs; "The collars and jackets that are on these dogs are all just the best, they're designer labels, they're Gucci, any high end designer that you can think of. We have dogs coming in with very nice cashmere turtleneck sweaters with pearl buttons on them." says owner Anna Gil. For $50/day your dog will receive maximum attention and entertainment. Is your dog lonely when you leave?...