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Tears begged her eyes to let go. Finally, after holding it in for hours, her cheeks were graced with the presence of salty water coming from her green eyes. She gripped the steering wheel even tighter, if she was made out of stronger material she could leave marks in the black plastic. That's just it. She wishes she was made of some other material. Anything other than the soft, fragile flesh that is so easy to harm. Maybe if she was made of steel, and her heart was made of steel, and her brain was made of steel, maybe then she could stop experiencing this terrible feeling that is only characteristic to those with flesh and nerves. Pain.

It was not a good idea to drive this late at night. It was not a good idea to down half of the vodka in the bottle either, but her thoughts weren't steering in that direction.

Instead, her thoughts swerved around the events of the past couple of hours. She picked up her cell phone. Good thing her car was the only one on the road, for it went into the opposite lane. She was driving in the mountains. She did not have the least idea of where she was. Actually, she did not have a single idea of where she was. Thirty-six mixed calls, all from one person. It was about time she called back.

"Where are you?" said a boy with a worried voice.

"I'm running away" she informed him.

She figured she owed him that much. He was always the one running away, the one that never took the time to stay and resolve the problem. For the first time in her life, she knew how he felt. Or maybe she got tired of the...