Sacred Scriptures and Cosmogny

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Despite both descending from Islam and Christianity are two religions that are very different. "It is difficult to compare Christianity to any other religion because there is such a wide range of beliefs and practices among various wings of Christianity: Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodox churches, the Anglican Communion and the tens of thousands of Protestant faith groups" (Religious Tolerance). Despite the fact that they are two different religions, scared scriptures and Cosmogony will be compared and contrasted between the two.

When looking at similarities of both religions, both use sacred scriptures. Islam's sacred scripture is called the Qur'an. "The Qur'an is literally the word of God" (Sabini 10). The Qur'an is broken down into chapters, which are referred to as suras. There are a total of 114 suras in the Qur'an and the suras are broken into verses. The Qur'an is very important to Muslims; they use the Qur'an extensively to apply teachings to their lives.

In a Muslim society, the Qur'an is used as a kind of law book as to how they live their lives in their society. Muslims for the majority are strict on laws and punishments.

Christianity refers to the Bible for guidance. The layout of the Bible is similar to the Qur'an in many ways. The Bible is broken down into two "Testaments" one is called the Old Testament, originally written in Hebrew, and the second is the New Testament, written in Greek. The Old Testament talks about the creation of mankind and the laws a person should follow. The New Testament reveals the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. In each one of the Testaments there are books. There are a total of 66 books in the Bible and in each book has verses similar to the Qur'an.

Both Sacred Scriptures...