From Salem We See

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The town of Salem and those that surround, From which many stories of fear abound. About Gallows Hill, Salem, many hung, Unjustly climbed the ladder rung by rung.

Friends and family watched in great terror, As they knew that same fate, they could soon share.

Procedure used in the witchcraft cases, Allowed for the jails to fill open spaces.

To a magistrate they would complain first, The accused person's life would be at a worst.

A warrant would be issued for arrest, Magistrates judged the accused at their best.

If indicted in front of a jury, The accused would be tried with a fury.

If the jury found the accused guilty, Death for sure as a rose going wilty.

Courts passed sentence for defendants to die, Sheriff did his job without asking why.

Not a fair trial did any receive, Spectral evidence was all to believe.

Of what we can learn from these unjust tales, Perhaps the most odd is from the wronged wales.