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by Langston Hughes

"I hadn't seen Jesus and that now I didn't believe there was a Jesus any more, since he didn't come to help me". That final paragraph in Salvation does show the truth that- nobody in the church knows the boy's secret because he did not see God. What people had told him before and what he saw are opposites. Disappointment is certainly. It is the feeling we all get when something or someone fails to live up to our expectations. Everybody, at least one time in their lives, has this feeling. The boy's story makes me miss my final test in my high school. I remember that I did really well and there was no mistake, I were sure that I would get A. But it did not happen like what I expected because I calculated wrong an equation and it made my result completely collapsed and I got a C.

That why I understand the boy's feeling, especially in his belief in God: he will be saved and received by Jesus. His aunt had told him what to expect when he is saved: "You saw a light, and something happened to you inside." But there was nothing, what he expected before now becomes his disappointment. Jesus never came to Langston that night in the church. The longer he sat there waiting, the more uncomfortable and frustrated he became.

If I were Langston, I would lie to people in the church, too. I would have done this mainly to forget any further complications or opinions, just as Langston did after all of the children had claimed that Jesus had saved them. He knew that people will not believe him and so that he can do nothing about what he saw. But I keep thinking that,