Sample Examination questions - Sexual Relationship and marriage within religion

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Define Cohabitation.

Cohabitation is a phrase used to describe a couple living together who haven't actually gotten married.

How do you account for cohabitation increasing?

I thing that one of the main reasons for cohabitation increasing is because it is becoming more and more accepted to live together without being married. In the past, if a couple were to live together and not actually get married it was frowned upon, and many people would think of it as wrong. However, in our current day, a couple living together is simply something that happens in life. Because of this acceptance I think that many people who don't feel strongly about getting married or simply do not want to get married will choose to live together with their partner as apposed to feeling pressured to get married.

Many cohabitating couples do eventually get married or eventually split up. It seems that the majority of couples would think it wise to live together before getting married and making vows, so that not only can they get to know their partner better, but also to see how their style of life will be like after they do get married to this couple.

However, there are many couples who simply o not want to get married with somebody because they feel it will tie them down in a relationship. In past years, because it was frowned upon to live with somebody your not married to this was not possible and people felt they had to get married. But now couples who want to live with their partner, but do not feel as if they have to stay with them for the rest of their lives can, with no problem.

Choose one religious tradition and explain its teaching about sexual relationships outside marriage.

The sexual...