Santa Vs. Tooth Fairy (persuasive essay)

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There are some people out there who are not sure who they like better: Santa or the Tooth Fairy. In my opinion Santa is not only better then the Tooth Fairy, but he is also better then any other holiday mascot too. Santa is the only one that gives great gifts. He also gives children a reason to be good throughout the year. The best thing about Santa is that a person can never be too old to be visited by him.

During his yearly rounds Santa gives presents to children all around the world. The thing that makes these presents special is that they are always what the child wanted. By allowing children to write him letters Santa ensures that every child will have a happy Christmas. The Tooth fairy on the other hand gives little children dirty money which they sometimes don't even know how to use.

Santa's presents makes the Tooth Fairy's money look like garbage.

The special thing about Santa is that he makes children work for reward. If a child is well behaved the entire year they get what they asked for, but if they are bad they get coal. Without the promise of reward some children would not behave themselves which would make the world a more hectic place which is the last thing we need in these complicated time. The only thing that the Tooth Fairy requires children to is to lose teeth which most young children are not very happy about.

The greatest thing about Santa is that a person can always count on him. Santa comes the same time every year so children always know when to get exited about his arrival. The best thing is that Santa comes every year your entire life. He never stops visiting. The...