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I grew up in the ------ church. I was baptized at the age of eight. I went to Sunday School just about every Sunday. With all of this church background in middle school I still moved away from God. I did not believe in God. I wanted as far away from God as possible. I tried to drop out of the church but my mom would not let me.

Then one night in the eighth grade while I was sleeping I saw a figure standing across the room by my door looking at me. The figure was tall, had a black beard. He had a plaid shirt, jeans, and suspenders. He had red eyes that seemed penetrate through my body right into my soul. He said nothing just stood there looking at me. Then I awoke from fright and I still saw him by my door, then I pinched myself and it was real.

Then I remembered a childish game called Bloody Mary, in the game you got rid of Satan by turning on the lights. I have a night light above my bed that I switched on, then right away I said a prayer. I felt as if someone was watching over me and that I was safe. I then turned off the light looked by my door and saw nothing. For away I just stared at the door. Then I decided I should get some sleep so I told myself not to worry about it and get some sleep. I did not know what or whom I saw but I had a feeling it was the Devil.

About this time I changed congregations that actually had people my own age that went on a regular basis. I began to enjoy going to church again. Then about one...