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There is a character which is definitely a hero in the voyage of Lewis and Clark across America. Sacagawea is a hero in the voyage across the new country because of the multiple selfless acts she commits she commits which greatly effect the others on the trip. She did many things which helped the others but she never slowed down to think about the ways she may have been harmed or even die. This is why Sacagawea could be called the hero of the voyage across America with Lewis and Clark in the novel, Streams to the River, River to the Sea by Scott O=Dell.

Sacagawea performed many selfless acts over the duration of the expidition. One of these selfless acts committed by Sacagawea was when the boat containing the supplies spilled many crates into the cold water. Without hesitation Sacagawea plunged into the frigid water along with her newborn.

She caught the swift current because of the cradelboard which was tightly tied to her back. She was able to wrestle a large crate to the side of the boat containing the diary of Captain Clark. This was one of the selfless acts that Sacagawea committed. Jumping into into the cold water with her son Meeko was not that smart for to do. She was not thinking that her shoulders may catch the current and send water into Meekos cradelboard, which could even drown him. Also with the cradelboard full of water this could pull her under water and kill both her and her son. This is a selfless act because she was not thinking about the posible tragedy