"The scarlet ibis" by James Hurst This paper is about how Doodles birth changed Brothers life in "The Scarlet Ibis".

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My paper is about how Doodles birth changed Brothers life in "The Scarlet Ibis".

It is about how he (brother) was just a normal southern boy who became a miracoulous teacher, a best friend, and a big brother. How could one little boy destined to die have such an important impact on someone?

Most kids hang out with their friends and do stuff together during the summer. But not Brother, he chose to play with Doodle instead of his buddies from school.

In the book he talks about other kids from school, so its not like he doesn't have friends, he just prefers Doodle instead. Since Doodle doesn't know anybody else that automatically makes Brother his best friend. That's just one of the ways Doodle impacted him.

Before they knew Doodle was gonna be "different", Brother was already planning all the things that he was going to teach him.

But after they found out about him not being normal , Brother talked of killing him. I think what really shows him as a true big brother is how him mom makes him carry Doodle with him everywhere, that's what most clearly defines the Big Brother status. Forced to drag him everywhere he went is part of the big brother job criteria! He was mostly a good big brother, but like they mentioned in the book, he had that mean streak too that's also in the older brother job criteria. Well that pretty much sums up this point in my paper.

While Brother was a good brother and a best friend, above all he was a he was a good teacher. His motivations may not be the best (not wanting to haul him around) the results are amazing. Even Doodle didn't think he could...