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Online Documentary about EverQuest Players Georgia [2/22/2002-6:01:16 AM] Comments[4] Nathan Bramble writes: I've just completed a short online documentary about EverQuest Players. It's a brief look into the culture that has grown around the game. It features an interview with Nick Yee, the psychology student who has conduct extensive research into the virtual community concept within the game, and footage from the Baltimore Fan Faire. The video streams in RealVideo for free from my site Enjoy! Aid Station in Oasis on Rodcet Nife Georgia [2/22/2002-5:59:07 AM] Comments[0] Silaa Nitebringer writes: Flight of Dragons will be hosting an aid station at the Oasis of Marr on Rodcet Nife Saturday February 23 from 5pm est to 10pm est. Services will include buffing, chain pulling for groups, train derailing, summoning articles, and whatever else we can do to help out. We will also be looking for worthy adventurers to join our ranks.

Safe hunting! Silaa Nitebringer SK Officer Flight of Dragons Arcane Armeggedon on Veeshan Georgia [2/22/2002-5:58:13 AM] Comments[7] Xecra the AFK Writes: As I wandered around Nektulos Forest, slaying endless amounts of those pesky guards, I felt a warm aura surround me. I heard a soft, kind voice that seemed to be more in my mind than anything else.

"The Arcane Armaggedon will start in 45 minutes. It is open to all who posess magic, with the exception of Paladins, Bards, and Shadowknights." Apparantly others heard it also, for there were mulitple shouts of joy and confusion.

I began my journey to the famed "Arena". I met up with a kindly Wizard named Orren, and he agreed to use his powers to translocate me to North Karana. He also gave me some candied spider .^_^.

After I had been sent to North Karana, I wandered around South Karana 'til I saw the opening to Lake Rathe.

After swimming a bit, I finally made it to The Arena. As I stood, awestruck by all the tons of people and Event Masters, I equipped my special Blade to let all know I was an immortal in training (Apprentice Guide).

Saiphos The Elfeater summoned me on top of the throne to help judge the event with his powers. I watched as the event began...




GO! There were spells thrown, battle fought, and pets enraged, but finally only three were left standing.

Ferine the Vah`Shir Beastlord Centaur the Dark Elven Necromancer Agreken the Dwarven Cleric I shouted their status, and the crowd went wild. Suddenly, a Wizard named Brittney Sparks appeared out of nowhere and slayed Centaur. She mysteriously vanished back into the Heavens where her deadly Fires came from... (hint hint) Centaur was down, but Saiphos The Elfeater ressurected him and the event was back on.

They all engaged in battle, and finally Centaur was slain the correct way.

Now only Ferine and Agreken were left standing, and Ferine started using her Ulak to beat him.

Agreken just stood there, to my surprise! Finally Ferine won, and the event was over.

Congratulations to Ferine Naku`Neku the Vah`Shir Beastlord from Celestial Tomb! That was well-written, thank you :) Thursday, February 21 2002 Gm event in Cazic-Thule - Team Royal Rumble Georgia [2/21/2002-6:25:34 AM] Comments[5] Jason writes: The fight only lasted about 10 minutes. I was a good fight as the melees tryed to kill the other group healers.

3 teams made up the event.

Team 1: 5ench, 56mage, 56,mage, 52cleric, and 55monk. = KoL with 1 Honor Unboundd Team 2: 60sk, 60necro, 60necro, 60mage, 60cleric, 55monk = Tolon/CC Team 3: 54pal, 45ranger, 53wiz, 36war, 52sk = Random Guilds Team two won it, Slaya, Mnayr, Aamaeb, Qumin, Tylerkx, and Brendyan. they all got 5 dose of sow =/ I got some pics so you have something to looka at =) One of them got me in them.

Bamanorn Soulstealer Submitted Screenshots: Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4 Screenshot 5 Screenshot 6 Screenshot 7 Screenshot 8 Screenshot 9 GM event - Tunare The Tiger Hunt Georgia [2/21/2002-6:22:50 AM] Comments[0] Chris writes: While hunting last night in the Over there A Dark Elf named Huntress Q'Vil leaves the outpost shouting for help in hunting the tigers. She finds her way through The over there through Frontier Moutains and then she ends up by the mill in Lake of Ill Omen. It is here that some pretty fierce tigers show. After a hard fought Battle in which our groups tank was brought down to 27hp and probly saved by our bards regeneration song we managed to kill one of these tigers that Huntress Q' Vil wanted help in hunting.

Our group was rewarded with a Enamled Black Chest Plate Magic lore item 25 AC wgt. 10.0 War clr pal shd Brd All New EQ Inspired Music! Georgia [2/21/2002-6:22:11 AM] Comments[6] Dave Dodart writes: Just a short note, it's been just over a year since I released any new EQ inspired compositions, and with the release of "Shadows of Luclin", I wrote something as kind of a tribute to the expansion entitled "Shadows of the Moon (Part I)". The positive response I received when I released "Triumph" has been overwhelming and I still receive great e-mails almost daily from EQ fans expressing their support. Both "Triumph", and "Shadows" are available for free download as well as some of my other works at If you would post this on your site I would be most grateful.

Best regards, Dodart Wolfheart Ranger of Tunare Wednesday, February 20 2002 GM Event in Cazic-Thule - Naked Gnome Royal Rumble - Jason Pandy [2/20/2002-12:32:36 PM] Comments[2] Jason writes: This is the first gm event for Tilol inside the Arena. anyhow, there is going to be alot of pics to this, so :), they well tell the story.

As the gnome royal rumble went on, the fight was about 45mins. 72gnomes starter out, after Tilol debuffed them all, they starter the fight!! At the lvl 60 Royal Rumble, there was about 16-24 lvl 60s was debuffed from Tilol, then they had 30secs to buff themselfs. Then the fight starts. The Melees went for the Casters first, then each other, this one lasted about 30-45mins, I got killed as I was taking pics, Winner of the lvl 60 Royal Rumble won a 120kpp tan horse =) Tilol just did one of the best events I saw :), the gaints in wc, the Royal Rumble with lvl 1 gnomes, and the lvl 60 Rumble. the other lvl 60s and gnome said it was great events. In the lvl 60 Royal Rumble, I got myself cut up but it was all fun. Tilol is going to be a great gm for Cazic-Thule.

Nudey won the Naked Gnome Royal Rumble!! Replay won the Level 60 Royal Rumble!! Submitted Screenshots: Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4 Screenshot 5 Screenshot 6 Screenshot 7 Screenshot 8 Screenshot 9 Screenshot 10 Clump of Questions for Absor Georgia [2/20/2002-5:54:56 AM] Comments[8] Absor responded to a player on the Developer's Corner forums at the official site: First, thank you for taking the time to read my questions and hopefully answer most of them. :) 1. Whatever happened to the list of names (cities, people...) and how to pronounce them? I remember reading that you were working on such a list.

2. I've seen discussion, and participated in a few arguments, about the gender of certain monsters. Such as Gorenaire, Wuoshi, and a few others. Seems the gender variable for macros shows these as "it". Care to comment? 3. Is it possible to add more chat filters? I've heard some warriors complain that their own hit messages spam their chat box. Others comment that Lifetap messages could be filtered.

4. Does having the VeliousArmor=True lines in the INI file have ANY effect on a computer running Luclin with all the models turned on? Would removing these lines improve performance at all? 5. What new inventory slots are being displayed on the models? I have not seen any yet.

6. Why can't I change the language I speak while using the full-screen display mode? 7. How come I have to fiddle with RBG values when changing the color of the text or windows? Couldn't you add normal, standard color names? Like Red.... or Blue.... or Cyan... or Burnt Sienna? ;) That should do it for now. Thanks again.

Zatriz Spiritscale Heirophant of the Scaled Mystics Silver Daggers Karana Let's see what I can do.

1) I'd forgotten about that"¦ I have a pretty long list of items to provide pronunciation for. I'll see if I can start working on it again. The hardest part is finding a way to show the pronunciation so that people can easily understand it. For the most part it takes a translator to understand the pronunciation guides in dictionaries and such"¦ 2) My guess is that nobody has ever taken the time to ask these creatures their gender"¦ 3) It's certainly possible. But we'll have to wait for the new interface before we're going to look at new filters. And I don't have an estimate for the arrival of the new interface.

4) When you have Luclin models enabled the Velious models are not loaded, regardless of the settings for VeliousArmor=True. We do this by default to save as much memory as we can, since the Luclin models can't use the old Velious armors.

5) No new inventory slots are being displayed.

6) This should change when we get the new interface in.

7) Something else that should be corrected with the new interface.

Alan Goblin Captain leads attack on Sarnak Fortress in Lake of Ill Omen Georgia [2/20/2002-5:49:22 AM] Comments[6] Terry writes: As I zoned into Lake of Ill Omen from Frontier Mountians, I noticed an abundance of extra folk in there tonight. Everyone kept shouting "where's the Captian?" Being the ever resourseful ranger that I am, I pulled up track and saw a nice RED Goblin Captian on there. I decided to track this elusive Goblin Captian and see just how tough he was. The Captain kept shouting for the goblins to attack the fortress, and that anyone who opposed them would die. I tracked him to the back door of the fortress, and decided since I didn't know my way around inside that well from the back, I'd head to the front. Since he was red on my track, I decided I better enter the front under a nice camo spell and as I was going in, I met him in the hall running out. He headed out and to the ledge to the left out of the front door, where upon about 30 or so folks started attacking him. Being lvl 32, I knew that I wouldn't be causing a great deal of damage, but snared, swarmed, and ingnited him til about half of my mana was gone. Three different times I, as well as numerous other folks, went flying through the air like we'd all been backhanded by a hill giant. Next thing I knew, I was down to a quarter of a bub of health, so I pulled away from the main mob, hid and healed up some. As I was healing, I heard him shout out that it just couldn't be. Next thing .. he had been slain. Made my way over to see what Goblin Captians carried, and he had a hammer on him, with no stats. It would ask you if you wanted to loot this no drop item, and if you said yes, it dissapeard from his loot, yet you didn't get it. I don't know if anyone ever got it, nor do I know what exactly this hammer was. My first cool large battle. Since it was lagging quite a bit, I decided to head on out and do what this ranger does best .. wander the land in search of wrongs to right and fair maidens to rescue.

Terrancelee 32 Ranger Elite Champions of Norrath Submitted Screenshots: Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4 Screenshot 5 Allied Raid on West Freeport - Fennin Ro Georgia [2/20/2002-5:47:40 AM] Comments[2] Khonsou Amun-Re writes: On Saturday 23rd, 5.00pm(GMT)- the Britannic Knights and Allies will be conducting a raid on West Freeport.

If you would like to attend and assist please visit our Guild Boards and sign up. Allied Raid on West Freeport Thanks! Khonsou Amun-Re Tuesday, February 19 2002 Guildwar Gnomeball on Tribunal Coffinn Unforgiven [2/19/2002-2:15:19 PM] Comments[7] Coffinn Unforgiven writes: Sunday, Feb. 24th 2PM EST Gnomeball! Just like it sounds: Two teams compete to be the first to drag an appointed gnome corpse to their respective goal. The twist? Each participant will be temporarily invited into a new guild created for this purpose, and the opposing teams will have the /guildwar option on during the event. The playing field will consist of all of West Karana, and teams are expected to reach totals of 50+. As this is a new thing for all of us, details are still being worked out. Sign-up is available only via e-mail this week, and the deadline is Friday midnight EST. Sign up here: Click Here Battle of the Mages Korenth [2/19/2002-12:09:59 PM] Comments[0] Nueelin Ravenblood writes: This Saturday there will be a battle of the mages in the arena off of Lake Rathe. The event starts off at 10:00 Eastern and will be for levels 20 through 40.

This is not a GM event but sponsored by the Kelethin Legions Guild of the Firiona Vie Server. There will be prizes awarded and am working on getting people there to res as needed.

This event is on to ALL races and spectators are allowed even encouraged. Transportation to the event (ports) can be arranged.

Safe journeys to all and hope to see everyone there Morrell-Thule - Mithril Ankh Dwarf Race Korenth [2/19/2002-6:00:34 AM] Comments[4] Arolily writes: The Mitrhil Ankh Dwarf Race 1) All participants will be starting in Kaladim.

2) All participants must be a Dwarf. However, to prevent any "twinking" of characters with items such as sow or invis potions, you must first start a human of your choosing, and meet in Freeport, as level one human. A Mithril Ankh member will then tell you what 2 letters your dwarf name must start with.

3) Your Goal is Permafrost.

4) All Participants will start a level 1 Dwarf of any class they can be as a dwarf. You will be tagged as a Mithril Ankh at that point. You MUST not go Anon.

5) They will leave Kaladim on foot, and head to Freeport Docks. That will be check point #1 6) The Next Check point will be West Commons Zone to Kith Forest.

7) Here is where they must make a decision. The next check point is at the inne near King Xorrb in East Karana. The Dwarves must travel through Kith to either Rivervale or High Hold, and then wind up in East Karana at the aforementioned innes.

8) Next Checkpoint is the Wizard Spires in North Karana.

9) Next Checkpoint is The Fishing Village in West Karana.

10) That will be your final checkpoint, as there are no more portals to port to, not that you are allowed to beg ports, or use them.

11) You heard me, no ports or TL's allowed. but you are permitted to ask for sows and other buffs. You must do this all on foot! 12) HINT: You can bind in Freeport, Highpass Hold, and Rivervale, as well as Halas.

13) Hmmm, do you risk binding in Halas, in a close race, when all you need to do is get through twisty, scary everfrost to get to Permafrost? Do you risk NOT binding and winding up back in Highpass Hold? 14) You may not get help from any other Mithril Ankh via Buffs or them escorting you.

15) Each Zone will have some Wandering officials under cloak of invisibility that will be watching you. You cannot travel with other groups or have high level escorts. In fact, unless you are stationary, you are not allowed within, say 400 yards of another player that is headed the same direction you are. These officials will be anon, so as to hide their guild tag.

16) Every zone you enter will have a Mithril Ankh member in it. Upon Entering zone, you will OOC or SHOUT a Hail Mithril Ankh, and cannot exit that zone until you get a guild say telling you that you have been recognized as legally entering the zone.

Okay now - we will throw some curves at you on the way too. We will have Mithril Ankh members wandering around - and if we see you - we will throw a buff on you. Remember this: BUFFS will remove your invis, and buffs are mandatory, but ONLY if we see you. That buff WILL NOT be a SOW. We will NOT buff you if there is a mob close to you. In other words - we can't purposely try to kill you.

You can ask anyone you see for Invis, SOW, or any hitpoint buffs - but you must be polite and explain why you want the buffs.

/say I am in a level one dwarf race from Kaladim to Permafrost, sponsored by MITHRIL ANKH and I would love a sow please. I cannot be assisted in any other way, except for any buffs that you are kind enough to give me.

The race route will be as follows: Kaladim to Freeport Docks.

FREEPORT DOCKS will be your first checkpoint. HAIL the ANKH race attendant there and receive ONE COPPER.

From there you must decide whether to go to East Commons via North Ro or to go the FREEPORT/East commons route.

Check point #2 is the KITH zone (commons side) Hail the Ankh member there and receive ONE BEER.

Check point #3: The Inne near The Xorrb Zone. Hail the Ankh member and receive ONE GOLD.

Check Point #4: Wizard Spires in North Karana. Hail the Ankh Member and receive ONE PLAT.

Check Point #5: Fishing Village in West Karana. Hail the Ankh Member here and Receive one item that will be turned into the final Ankh Officer in the Perma Zone.

I feel that at this point - the first 5 people to hit final destination should at least receive something for their troubles, but we don't want to keep the officials tied up for hours waiting for the others to finish. So I think after 5 people cross the finish line, the race is over. Anyone wishing to finish the race for their own satisfaction will be welcome to do so.

Monday, February 18 2002 Undead Battle in Qeynos Hills Georgia [2/18/2002-6:41:48 AM] Comments[19] Ricked writes: Well I was traveling through Q hills when a raspy voice appeared over the sky whcih started to turn bloodred being a 33 warrior I Though this would be fun. Suddenly all the creatures despawned and then an army of undead skeletons appeared all over the zone. They consisted of Footman, Spearman, Soldier, Warbone and some others. I went around zone killing and killing. The common drops where rusty weapons to my suprise not very many bone chips. Well then someone said a warrior belt dropped so I strolled over to that loc and picked it up a better one than I had. 10 AC 6STR and some others. Although the event had been going for 2hrs I was sad it ended well I hope everyone had fun and got some good loots.

Ricked Steelblade Submitted Screenshot: Screenshot 1 GM Event on Brell Serillis Georgia [2/18/2002-6:38:38 AM] Comments[0] Tandiar writes: Late last night, I was grouped with a few people in CrushBone, when an Orc Protector began to shout about ridding crushbone of outsiders. I had to stop and think to myself for a minute, wondering if I could recall any of the named orc's in CB as being Orc Protector. Needless to say, I went to investigate. At the entrance to CB, there were a good 8-10 orc oracles standing there, pretty much denying anyone entrance or escape. So, I begin to run towards the Crushbone Castle, but before I got too far, here comes Orc Protector, with a handful of orc legionnaires in tow, running about bashing people. Inevitably, my level 10 character died. I made it back to Crushbone, and died again (lucky me), and managed to return yet another time. By this time, the Orc Protector was holed up in the castle, and there were a good 50 or more people in the zone. I proceeded there, and watched the carnage unfold from the safety of a corner. Emperor Crush spawned twice and died twice during this time. I still got thumped a time or two by the Protector for well over 100 damage. He just walked about bashing people for a good 20 minutes or so, taking absolutely no damage from anyone, shouting things like "Filthy Elves must die!" and "Leave Crushbone you fools!" and "You will ALL pay dearly!". Finally, Orc Protector began taking damage, and within a few minutes, he was dead. He was said to have dropped eBoots among other things, but that was only rumor and I don't know what truth there is to it. Even though I died twice, and didn't get any loot (don't think anyone did, actually), it was my first GM Event, and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Submitted Screenshots: Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3 Drunkin Newbie Race On Veeshan Georgia [2/18/2002-6:37:12 AM] Comments[0] Dustin writes: At Approx. 7:00 PM EST. On Feb. 16 The Veeshan server held a GM Event. The GM's told everyone in the Greater Faydark area to create a new character and meet in front of the Rogue Guild in Kelthin. When everyone was there The GM's started passing out Beers(w00t!). After the beers were handed out everyone was to get into the Guild Building and Drink all 5 of their beers then the door would open. After the door opened people (mostly Wood Elves) poured out running to the Orc Lift, When there the GM made everyone run to Felwithe, and when there they had to run to Crushbone. The winner ended up Getting a Sword worth 100PP and a Nice Hangover to wake up to.

Submitted Screenshots: Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 EQWatcher Advanced Beta 7 Released Georgia [2/18/2002-6:35:37 AM] Comments[4] EQWatcher writes: After several months in development, the time has come for EQWatcher Advanced to exit the Beta stages. Beta 7 is the final beta release, and after bugs from Beta 7 are worked out it will just plain be called EQWatcher Advanced.

EQWatcher Advanced is a real-time log parser, it runs while you play and interprets exactly what you see in your chat window. You can hear combat statistics, chat sounds and speech, find out which way to go to get somewhere, and plenty more. EQWatcher users are constantly adding their own new features, and so could you! Visit the EQWatcher message board from the web site and be active in the EQWatcher community.

EQWatcher Web Site Everlore Disclaimer: Please download from their site at your own risk. We cannot take responsability for bugs or issues that may arise from the downloading of other people's products.

Bixie Army Attacks Tallon Zek Georgia [2/18/2002-6:32:53 AM] Comments[7] Falaras reports a strange army of Bixies: Late Sunday night, I was hunting in EC when the zone got the message, "A mysterious army of bixies has entered the commons." Instantly everyone stopped hunting and fighting each other and went on a massive bixie killing spree. After about 10 min, we had killed every bixie we could find. Waiting patiently for a named to spawn, we heard rumors of ghouls attack WC but were later told was not true. No named ever spawned and it was pretty much a bogus event, but worth telling.

Enchanted Kingdoms Goodwill Event Thursday 21/02/02 8pm G.M.T on Antonius Bayle Georgia [2/18/2002-6:32:10 AM] Comments[0] Kildurin writes: Enchanted Kingdom Guild on Antonius Bayle server are pleased to anounce their first Goodwill session. The session will take place near to the P.o.D lift at Kelethin, Greater Faydark, on thursday 21/02/02 (Editor's Note: For non-europeans that means 2/21/02) at 8pm GMT.

All who can attend are welcome. Their will be free trading skills available, a buff station, the Guardian shop(where you can buy a protector for a period of time), and of course the famous Enchanted Kingdoms Ale and Pie Snug will be open for free food and ale (while stocks last :) ).

We look forward to seeing you there.

Kildurin Wulverine, Events Officer, Enchanted Kingdoms Shadows of Luclin Buy it Today! Today's Poll: Should the Message Boards on Everlore be registered users only? Yes No Main Hall and Off-Topic Only