A Schizophrenic Life Theory of John Nash- A Beautiful Mind

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A Schizophrenic Life Theory of John Nash

"A Beautiful Mind" is about a mathematician's life, which is full of success, struggles and sufferings. Film is started with mathematics terms of a professor in 1947, Princeton University where John Nash, the main character of the film, is educated.

John Nash is a successful mathematician who has won The Conesky Scholarship, which only two students can win in state. In addition, step by step he increases his success in university and encourages to professor. Regardless of his success in his career, he is hopeless about his private life. Because he is a recessive person and does not want to be in relation with people. However, he starts to need some requirements, which contrast strongly with his personality. As a result of this, he starts to see schizophrenic heroes of his own such as Charles, his roommate, William, the agent and Marcee, Charles' little girl.

For a specific period, he lives with them. Nevertheless, one day he learns that they are not real, and he starts to struggle with them for his health. In this way the story of John Nash and his struggle for his health has started and going at the rest of the film.

After all, there is another who devotes her life to her husband, John's wife Alicia. She shows a great example of extreme devotion by enduring John's health problem. She might leave John if she wanted because John cannot receive her desires however she stays and suffers with her husband for his health. These sacrifices of Alicia and John reflect to the scenario of the film. Their love redecorates the scenario and makes spectators psychologically affected. More than ever, ambition of John Nash for creating an authentic project and amity between Nash and Martin...