Was the Schlieffen Plan a true failure?

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The Schlieffen Plan was known as a failure in World War 1 history due to its disability of defeating France in six weeks and deadlocks were created afterwards. This plan was named after its creator, Cout Alfred Von Schlieffen (1833-191) who was the former chief of the German general staff. The main aims of this plan were to defeat France in six weeks, in order to avoid fight France and Russia on two fronts. However, after German was defeated in 1914 at the First Battle of Marne, the Schlieffen was failed. German started to build trenches and the two-front was not avoided. Nevertheless, as I went further into the Schlieffen plan, I realized that this plan would have been succeed even it had many failures. So my research question is "Was the Schlieffen plan stupid"; I think it is a researchable question because there are many arguments among this plan.

It was said to be a failure in history, because it did not achieved to defeat France in six weeks, and German had to fight Allies on two fronts. However, it could be argued that this plan was not executed by the creator of this plan Count Alfred von Schlieffen, and his successor general Moltke had made many unwise modifications. And, this was the reason for its failure. In this essay, I am going to talk about my research topic from two. Firstly; I am going to state the reasons for the opinion that Schlieffen plan was stupid. Then I will argue with it by proving the opinion that this plan was stupid.

At first, it could be argued that the idea of Shlieffen Plan was stupid because there were four main weaknesses in this Plan. .According to who? Firstly, German's underestimation of Belgian army was one of...