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Wouldn't it be great to be able to put limits on your child's school attire, and at the same time help prepare them for their life after school? Well, by enforcing school dress codes around the nation, this is exactly what we would be doing. Therefore, I am completely for the idea of school dress codes. Some people may argue that having a school dress code does not help improve their lives. On the contrary, having school dress codes would ensure that a students' dress is acceptable for school, keep students safer by reducing the risk of violence and gang activity, and even help to prepare them for their future life out of school.

First of all, dress codes are a good idea because they would ensure that students do not wear clothing that is too revealing or offensive. Students say the policy doesn't just limit what they wear; it limits how they express themselves as well.

"By telling us what we can wear, they are taking away our diversity as people and cultures," Michael Bowles, a junior at Stamford High, told the (Stamford) Advocate. Students say administrators are the ones who need to get back to the books. They say school officials should spend more time worrying about education and less time critiquing students' wardrobes. (2) Students need to understand that by keeping students from wearing apparel that is too short, low cut, baggy, or provocative, we will also be keeping their classmates more focused on their work. They will be less distracted by the more flashy wardrobes of their peers, and therefore pay closer attention to their own schoolwork. Some may argue that having to buy uniforms are too costly and cannot afford to buy uniforms. In the State of Texas, parents can opt out and uniforms can...