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School FundingPublic Schools rely heavily on state funding as well as voter approved funding to support many academic as well as sport related activities. The Spokane Public Schools is the largest school district within the Spokane area, and the second largest district in the state of Washington. The district consists of 35 elementary schools, six middle schools, and six high schools (Spokane Public Schools). Currently funding for the school district is becoming increasingly harder for the district. This paper will analyze the issue of school funding, analyze the relationship of the state or local government to the American Federal system with regard to this issue, evaluate constitutional and other legal constraints related to the policy, and finally discuss how cultural attitudes toward politics are applied to this issue and how that impacts attempts to resolve the issue.

The IssueThe current issue in regard to funding public education is a problem that is seen across the state of Washington.

According to Bach (2004, Dec.), "Washington ranks 34th in the nation when it comes to funding K-12 public education. . ." (p. 1). The largest issue that is being seen is the lack of government funding for public education even though the lack of funding is seen as unconstitutional according to the Supreme Court. The Washington State superintendent is urging lawmakers to "find a way to close the gap between school expenses and the money the state provides or Washington will never meet its goal to give every child a world-class education" (Spokesman Review, 2007). This is in response to the No Child Left behind Act of 2001. Without proper funding for public education, school districts are finding it difficult to meet the demands of the act.

Some of the major political individuals involved in the issue include school...