Science and Engineering

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How is Science and engineering different?

What is science? Science is knowledge attained through experiments and observations. Science is efforts put by humans to understand better the very existence of a particle on earth. Science is study of the history of the world and to know how it works. Science does not prove anything. Science is based on publications and related proofs. The conclusions are derived from the process of science that is based on hypotheses that is rigorously and repeatedly tested. These conclusions are open to amelioration in light of new evidence.

Science in the early days was classified as physica and biota. Physica is study of physical sciences. It is the study of physics (newton's laws of motion, theories of gravity, laws of thermodynamics etc.) and chemistry ( molecular structure, molecular modelling, nuclear reactions etc.), whereas biota, biological science is concerned with the study of life in living organism based on their evolution, structure, function, social behavior and more.

Earlier people who studied science were called natural philosophers. It was in the later that they were called scientists.

Purpose of science is mainly to fathom, in deep the know-how of the natural world and its phenomena in a systematic and organized manner. Science is expressed in form of theories. Scientific theories are sustained explanations of natural phenomena's derived through scientific method with repeated testing, empirical evidence and hypothesis. Scientific theories are the most reliable and comprehensive form of scientific knowledge. Some scientific theories may not prove anything, however a lot can be inferred from these theories.

What is engineering? Engineering is branch of science. It is a technology concerned with design and innovation. Engineering is synthesis of the analysis. It is a practical implementation of scientific and mathematical theories. Engineering process of basic sort did exist in the...