Scientific Managament

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Scientific Management

Taylor's The Principles of Scientific Management discusses the steps to

achieve "national efficiency", which is when all employees and machine

work to their full potential and to achieve maximum prosperity for both

the employer and employee. Taylor argues that the present day workforce

is in no way efficient but is the main cause for economic turmoil. In

order to achieve efficiency the workforce must use a scientific approach

(a systematic and well theorized plan) and redefined the relationships of

the employer, employee, and industry as a whole.

According to Taylor in order to finally have the maximum prosperity only

exist as the result of maximum productivity. Today's workforce lacks

productivity. Employees everyday underwork themselves; these employees

intentionally work slowly to avoid a true full day's work. Taylor

explain the reasons of underworking is: employees fear increasing output

will result in people out of work, the natural laziness in both

employees employers especially not relgluating one another in a proper

manner, and old set methods that are too board and universal which waste

the efforts of the workers.

Underworking shows up in profficency

standards; therefore, creates an unstable economy and high unemployment


To address these problems Taylor claims the roles of employees and

employers. The old method attempts to bring about more efficiency from

employees through the use of incentatives, but it rarely works.

Scientific manangement achieves the hard work and ingenuity of the

workers by uniformity and new duties for managers.

These duties will redefine the whole structure and approach to the

industry. These duties consist: of developing procedures for each aspect

of the employees' work, select, train, and develop the workforce, constant

cooperation and interaction with employees, and virtual equal parts of

work and responsibility between management and workmen. Scientific

management is about more...