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Terror on Hallow's Eve Scene 1 - Video Store & Pay Phone Fade in on moon after credits. Camera tilts and pans to reveal KIM working inside Video Corner. CUT TO Inside of Video Corner. KIM plops down in a chair behind the counter and looks at her watch.

CU of watch...CUT TO KIM KIM (Sighs) Forty-five minutes left...

(Phone Rings, KIM answers) Video Corner! (Pause) Hey, What's going on Jennifer? CUT TO OUTSIDE PAYPHONE with JENNIFER and SCOTT talking to KIM.

JENNIFER (On Phone) Not much, are we still gonna come over and watch a horror movie tonight, or are you going trick or treating? SCOTT (Yelling) Happy Halloween Kim!! Bring Halloween Part 7!!! CUT TO KIM KIM Yeah, if I make it to 9 o'clock....I'm falling asleep it's so boring in here. I guess everybody's out instead of renting movies.


guess we'll just come up there at 9, ok? CUT TO KIM KIM All right, and tell SCOTT I'll pick out the movie! CUT TO JENNIFER & SCOTT SCOTT I heard that! JENNIFER Ok, see ya later! CUT TO KIM KIM Ok, bye.

KIM hangs up the phone, sighs, and looks up at the clock.

CU of clock...CUT back to KIM 40 more minutes.

KIM puts her head back in the chair and closes her eyes.

End of Scene 1 Scene 2 - The Hitchhiker LS of a deserted road lit by street lights. A car appears off in the distance, and THE KILLER steps into the scene.

He sticks his thumb out in the direction the car is going.

CUT TO INSIDE CAR where a young girl is on her way back from a Halloween party. The radio is on, and she's humming along with it. She sees a man wearing a Halloween mask hitchhiking up ahead. She thinks it's someone she saw at the party. As she gets nearer the man on the side of the road, she decides she will pull over and pick him up.

CUT TO LS again as the car pulls over. As THE KILLER gets in to the car, CUT to REVERSE ANGLE. The door closes, and the two drive away into the distance.

CUT TO INSIDE CAR DRIVER Didn't I see you at the party? So, what happened? Didn't you like the party or something? There is no answer from THE KILLER.

Yeah, well, I'm on my way back because there was this girl there dressed exactly like me, so I'm gonna go change! What's your name anyway? THE KILLER just looks over at her.

Ok, so I guess you're upset about something, huh? Well, you don't have to talk if you don't want to. Sometimes the best thing to do is just shut the whole world out! I like your costume! She looks over at him, pondering, but still unafraid.

Well, you don't have to tell me your name, but you do have to tell me where you want me to take you, so where to? (pause) Do you live around here? Just then, the music on the radio is interrupted by a message.

CUT TO CU of radio.

VOICE#1 We interrupt this program for an important message....

VOICE#2 Holly Hill mental hospital has reported that a patient has escaped. The patient is a white male about six feet tall wearing black clothes. The patient was last seen CUT TO DRIVER looking over at THE KILLER, her eyes widening.

wearing black gloves and a Halloween mask. This man is considered dangerous and anyone seeing him should call 911 immediately.

(Music continues) DRIVER (Now obviously afraid) You know...I have to pull over and make a phone'll just take a minute..

During the last line, THE KILLER recognizes that THE DRIVER knows what's going on, and he turns toward her and grips her by the neck.

CUT TO OUTSIDE CAR. A muffled scream is heard from inside the car as the car swerves to a halt. Only THE KILLER can be seen inside the car now, looking down, obviously choking THE DRIVER. THE KILLER starts to move into the driver's seat.

CUT TO SIDE OF CAR. The door opens, and THE DRIVER is kicked into the street, dead. THE KILLER closes the door and drives off.

End Of Scene 2 Scene 3 - Going Home Back at the Video Store, it's almost 9. JENNIFER and SCOTT come through the door to find KIM dozing in the chair. SCOTT is wearing a hockey mask.

SCOTT (Jumping over counter) Boo! Kim jumps.

Kim Oh! JENNIFER Cut that out Scott! (To Kim) Hey! What are you doing? Going to sleep? KIM Oh, nobody's been in here for the last thirty's hard to stay awake.

SCOTT (Walks over to the horror section) Well, let's get a movie! What do you guys want to see? JENNIFER It doesn't matter...they're all the same anyway! Just pick one.

KIM Yeah, just don't pick something stupid! SCOTT scans over the movies and finally decides on a cheesy, B-Horror movie.

SCOTT Ok, I'm ready. Let's go! JENNIFER What did you pick out? SCOTT I got something good! KIM Oh please! JENNIFER Let me see! She wrestles the movie away from SCOTT Oh, no! Beach Babes From Beyond! SCOTT Come on! It'll be cool! KIM Whatever, it doesn't matter! Let him have his fun! JENNIFER Ok, you ready to get outta here? KIM Yeah, you guys go on outside, and I'll lock up.

JENNIFER and SCOTT go outside, and KIM turns off the lights. KIM then joins them outside and locks the door.

They walk toward their cars.

Ok, meet me at my house guys! JENNIFER & SCOTT Ok! As they get in their cars and drive away, THE KILLER steps into the scene and watches them leave. He is too late...this time. The camera tilts up toward the moon, and fades out as it pauses on the moon.

End Of Scene 3 Scene 4 - At Home KIM pulls into the driveway first, and JENNIFER and SCOTT pull in close behind her. The lights come on, and they get out of their cars and walk toward the door.

SCOTT Did you see those kids blowing up that pumpkin? We almost hit one of 'em! KIM Yeah, I dunno why exploding pumpkins give kids such pleasure.

JENNIFER It gives Scott pleasure too! He'll never grow out of crap like that! They enter the house, and go into the living room.

KIM I'll go get some drinks and you guys start the movie.

SCOTT takes out the movie and puts it in the VCR. He also puts on his hockey mask again.

SCOTT All right, prepare to be dazzled by flying intestines, ladies! JENNIFER Yeah, I'm sure we'll be dazzled all right...You know, you really pick some dumb movies. And take that silly mask off! SCOTT Oh, you love 'em and you know it...

Scott takes off the mask.

JENNIFER you have the remote? SCOTT Yeah, and I'm gonna be in control of it, so in case you miss anything I can back it up for ya! JENNIFER Oh, thanks a lot! KIM returns with the drinks.

KIM Here you go guys...

JENNIFER I hope we can keep it down with all of the flying intestines! The telephone rings, and KIM goes to answer it.

KIM Who could that be? SCOTT It's Jason, he wants to know if you'll be home later! JENNIFER hits SCOTT in the arm.

Meanwhile in the other room, KIM answers the phone.

KIM Hello? Hi, Kim, this is Dr. Johnson.

KIM Hi, Dr. Johnson, is anything wrong? DR. JOHNSON Well, yes, but don't get upset. Your father has left the hospital. They're looking for him, but we just wanted to make sure you knew in case he tried to come there.

KIM Do you think he would come here? DR. JOHNSON Well, his doctors say he's been thinking about you a lot lately, and I just wanted to warn you. If he does show up, just dial 911, and they'll come pick him up. I doubt he'll make it that far on foot though.

KIM Ok, Dr. Johnson...I promise.

DR. JOHNSON You know Kim, you really should go and see him sometime.

KIM I will Dr. Johnson.

DR. JOHNSON Ok, we'll talk soon. G'bye.

KIM Bye, Dr. Johnson.

KIM returns to the living room, looking sort of distraught. JENNIFER and SCOTT are hugging on the floor.

JENNIFER notices the look on KIM's face.

JENNIFER What's wrong Kim, who was that? KIM It was Dr. Johnson. My dad left the hospital and they're looking for him.

JENNIFER They don't think he'll come here do they? KIM Not really, he's walking anyway. They just wanted to let me know.

SCOTT You want us to stay here with you tonight, KIM? KIM (Looks better) Would you? JENNIFER Sure we would, what are friends for? KIM Thanks guys, that makes me feel a lot I'm ready for the movie! Hit play.

SCOTT hit's play, and they all settle back down to watch the movie.

CUT TO CU of a clock. The hand moves up fifteen minutes to designate the passage of time. As they are all sitting around watching the movie, the power goes out all of a sudden.

SCOTT Oh no! We were just getting to the good part! KIM Ah, don't worry. Hold on, let me find some candles.

The sound of KIM fumbling through drawers is heard, finally she finds the candles.

Ah, there they are.

She lights one and sits it on the table.

JENNIFER Well that sucks, I guess we don't get to see any flying intestines then do we? KIM I guess not, unless SCOTT will go down to the shed and plug in the generator for us....

SCOTT Why me? JENNIFER You're the one who wanted to see this movie, so if you still want US to see it, you'll go turn on the generator.

SCOTT Ok, got a flashlight Kim? KIM fumbles through the drawer again.

KIM Right here! She hands the flashlight to SCOTT.

SCOTT Ok, I'll go do it...I'll wear my mask to scare people off! Scott puts on the hockey mask.

JENNIFER You don't need the mask to do that, but we'll come outside and watch you anyway, you big baby.

They start to go out the door.

SCOTT That's more like it! KIM Just remember to hurry down there. The flood light that lights the back yard is run on a battery, so if you take too long, it may be totally dark! SCOTT Ok, Kim.

They go outside and SCOTT starts on his way to the shed.

I always get suckered into stuff like this! JENNIFER Wah! Wah! Wah! KIM The generator's on the left when you go in. Just plug it in, and we'll be ready to go.

SCOTT Ok, ok....and I'm not scared! JENNIFER (to KIM) Yeah, right...

End Of Scene 4 Scene 5 - Inside The Shed SCOTT whistles on his way down to the shed. KIM and JENNIFER are still waiting on the steps at the house for him. The shed is dark inside, but SCOTT goes on in to find the light switch. He finds it and pulls the switch. THE KILLER is directly behind him, but he remains perfectly still, so SCOTT can't see him. He doesn't look around much, because he notices the generator and wants to get out of there. He takes off his mask and puts it down.

SCOTT (Notices generator) Ahh...there it is.

He walks over to the generator and plugs it in. It scares him a little because it's so loud.

Geez! That's loud! He stands up and pokes his head out of the doorway to tell JENNIFER and KIM everything is ok. He yells over the generator.

(Yelling) I got it! KIM (To JENNIFER) Ok, let's go back in.

CUT TO LS behind KIM and JENNIFER of SCOTT yelling. They turn around and disappear from the scene as they start into the house. Meanwhile down at the shed, THE KILLER has made his move. He grabs SCOTT around the neck and while he's choking him, he also stabs him in the heart with a knife. No one can hear his screams because the generator is too loud.

CUT back to SHED just before SCOTT is stabbed. THE KILLER pulls SCOTT's body back inside the shed. He then picks up the hockey mask SCOTT left and examines it. He puts his head out of the door and looks up toward the house.

End Of Scene 5 Scene 6 - Don't go in the shed! JENNIFER and KIM are sitting in the living room awaiting SCOTT's return.

JENNIFER What's taking him so long? KIM Who think we should pause the movie? JENNIFER No, not yet...wait till it gets to the part where the girl gets stabbed. I'm sure he wonÕt wanna miss that scene! KIM chuckles.

CUT TO CU of THE KILLER's hand on the power switch in the shed. He throws the switch.

CUT TO JENNIFER and KIM in the living room. The room goes dark.

KIM Oh, no...not again! She lights the candle.

JENNIFER Don't worry, if I know Scott, this is one of his pranks, and it wonÕt be over until I go get him. So gimme a flashlight, and I'll be back in a minute. He's gotta get as much use out of that mask as he can ya know! CUT TO CU of moon.

CUT TO JENNIFER walking down to shed where the light is on.

JENNIFER (Still a little distance from the shed) Scott! I'm gonna kill you for this! We're already scared enough, and this is no time to make Kim more afraid! She gets to the shed and walks in.

CUT TO INSIDE SHED as JENNIFER enters. THE KILLER is standing there with SCOTT's mask on.

JENNIFER Scott! What are you doing? Get the generator going and let's get outta here. And take off that stupid mask.

(pause) Oh! JENNIFER turns the generator on herself.

CUT TO JENNIFER's view of THE KILLER. SCOTT's dead body falls from the corner it was leaning in and hits the ground in front of JENNIFER.

CUT TO SCOTT's body falling CUT TO JENNIFER Jennifer jumps.

CUT TO SCOTT's body on the floor CUT TO JENNIFER grasping her mouth.

JENNIFER Scott?? Oh my God! THE KILLER approaches her with a sickle. She looks up at THE KILLER who has drawn the sickle back.

No! No! THE KILLER slashes her neck with a mighty blow from the sickle. She too falls to the floor dead.

CUT TO JENNIFER's body CUT TO KILLER Now THE KILLER steps over the bodies and leaves the shed to head toward the house. The scene ends with a close-up of the two dead companions on the floor.

End of Scene 6 Scene 7 - Only One Left KIM is still in the living room, and the lights are back on again. While she's waiting for JENNIFER and SCOTT to return, she decides to play a game. So, she plugs a cartridge into her old Atari 2600 and goes at it. A few seconds later, she hears the back door open.

KIM Jennifer? Why are you guys coming through the back door? There is no answer to KIM's question, and in a second the living room door opens. It is THE KILLER, and KIM's back is to him.

What are guys doing, trying to scare me more? Jennifer? Scott? She turns around and sees THE KILLER's face. She jumps in fear. She awakes in the VIDEO STORE to find this has all been a bad dream. However, THE KILLER's hand enters the scene again and touches KIM's shoulder. She is startled awake for the last time to find it is JENNIFER's hand on her shoulder.

End of Scene 7 Scene 8 - The Nightmare Begins KIM realizes that she has been dreaming the whole time and is relieved that all of this was just a dream. She regains her senses after a minute of adjustment.

JENNIFER Are you ok, Kim? KIM Oh, my gosh! Yeah...I just had an awful dream. You two were dead, and I was next. Oh! JENNIFER Too much Halloween I guess! You ready to go? KIM Yeah, did you guys get a movie? SCOTT Yeah, I got one...Beach Babes From Beyond...I've got my mask too! (Holds up mask) Let's go! KIM looks kind of puzzled.

JENNIFER You sure you're ok Kim? KIM (Shakes off her thoughts) Yeah, you guys go on outside, and I'll lock up. I hate that mask! JENNIFER and SCOTT go outside and KIM turns off the lights. She then joins them and locks the door. They walk toward their cars.

Ok, meet me at my house guys! JENNIFER & SCOTT Ok! As they get in their cars and drive away, THE KILLER steps into the scene and watches them leave...just like he did in KIM's Dream....The camera tilts up toward the moon and fades out as it pauses on the moon.

Fade to black.

The End