The Search for Endure and Knowledge         Many years ago, two

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The Search for Endure and Knowledge Many years ago, two animals escaped into the linguistic wilderness. Those animals were Endure and Knowledge. These animals some of their original meanings while they struggled to survive in the linguistic wilderness. Tracking and capturing these animals was a difficult task. While on my long quest through time, I was able to capture these wild animals.

Endure was not such a hard animal to track. He left a trail that was very easy to follow. Endure's original meaning was to indurate or harden. It also meant to make callous or indifferent. Also in good sense it meant to make sturdy or robust and to strengthen. A couple of years after the original meaning was published another meaning came forth. That meaning was to last or to suffer continuously. In the 1400s, Endure meant to last and continue in existence. It can be found hiding in various works.

In the middle 1500s, Endure meant to be continued through space or to extend from one point to another. It sought shelter in the works of Parke and Berners. When I finally caught with him, he slipped into the Bible in 1611 gaining a new meaning. His meaning became to support a strain or pressure without receiving injury. Also in a lower sense, to undergo, suffer, or be subjected to. By the late 1600s, Endure was used to entertain the possibility of. I caught with Endure again in the 1800s. He was cowering in the works of different people taking on the meaning to permit of or be compatible with things. Endure became weakened by his travels in the 2000s. This is when I captured him in a book 2 meaning to undergo. Endure maintained some his original meanings throughout the years and settled with a simple meaning.

Tracking knowledge through time was a big challenge. He was kind of tricky. His characteristics changed drastically. Knowledge was a very sly animal. I was deceived by his some of his original spellings. I was really deluded when I was searching for him in the 1300s. He was hiding under the disguise of personal acquaintance, friendship, and intimacy. In the late 14th century, he was known as Knaulage and Knowleche. He came to mean acknowledgment or confession. To deceive me again, he changed the spelling of his name in the 15th century. He became known as Knoledge. The earliest meaning of his name has to do with senses related to knowledge. In the late part of the 1500s, his meaning changed again. The fact of recognizing as something known or known about or before became his new meaning. The 1600s helped to shelter him from my watchful eye. He gained a very different and interesting meaning. He meant cognizance and notice or to take cognizance or notice of. He could be found in various stories. Knowledge was given a new meaning in the 1700s. He meant acquaintance with a fact, perception, or certain information of a fact or matter. He can be found in Pride and Prejudice cowering in the pages with his new meaning. Later in the 1800s, he came to mean the fact or condition of being instructed, or of having information acquired by study or research. In the later years, he gained a more general meaning. Knowledge was known as information, intelligence, notice, or intimation. He was also known as the sum of what is known. I finally captured Knowledge quietly taking a nap in a late 1800s book. I suppose he was resting for his next new meaning.

3 He was being used to be mean a branch of learning, a science, or an art. It took a long time but I finally caught that wild beast that deluded me so many times in the linguistic wilderness.

Tracking Endure and Knowledge was a long and tedious process. They were hiding in many different places under many different aliases. Endure was not very hard to locate because he did not loose many of his characteristics. His meaning basically stayed the same over the years. Whereas Knowledge changed names and meanings so much that it was hard to keep track of his whereabouts. Knowledge gained many different meanings of the years. He was hard to track because he lost a lot of his characteristics over the years. In the end I learned new and interesting things about each animal.