The Second Presidential Debate

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During the second presidential debate, a citizen named Randee Jacobs asked a question. Jacobs said, "Iran sponsors terrorism and has missiles capable of hitting Israel and southern Europe. Iran will have nuclear weapons in two to three years time. In the event that U.N. sanctions don't stop this threat what will you do as president?" Senator Kerry responded by saying that we cannot just rely on U.N. sanctions. He said that the threat has grown while the president has been anxious with Iraq. He stated that if the president let the inspectors do their job, there wouldn't be 10 times the number of forces in Iraq that we have in Afghanistan. He also mentioned that while Iran creating more nuclear weapons, North Korea had also creating more bombs. He said that the president did nothing at all while North Korea and other countries were growing more dangerous. Senator Kerry claimed that before President Bush came to office, we were safer.

He said, "People like Secretary of Defense William Perry negotiated getting television cameras and inspector into that reactor." To solve this problem, Kerry said that we've got to join with the British, the French, and the German.

President Bush responded by saying Kerry's answer made him want to frown. He said that it is "naïve and dangerous" to let the inspectors do their job. He used Duelfer as an example. He said that he was deceiving the inspectors, because that what Duelfer's report showed. President Bush agreed that we should john with the British, the French, and the German to stop Iran from making any more destructive weapons. President Bush then talked about North Korea. He said, "It is naïve and dangerous to take a policy that he [Senate Kerry] suggested the other day, which is to have...