Pro Life Vs. Pro Choice

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PRO LIFE vs. PRO CHOICE The debate over abortion laws stretches back to 1973 when it was the supreme courts ruling in Roe vs. Wade, that overturned state laws against abortion. The court decided it was illegal to put regulations on a first trimester abortion, allowed only regulations pertaining to a mother's health in the second and mandated any regulation in the third trimester make an exception for maternal health (Scott/Gatch, 2000, pg29). This was the basis for explanation of the abortion laws in the United States until the Supreme Court hearing of Doe vs. Bolton. In the aftermath of this case the Supreme Court ruled abortions legal at any stage of the pregnancy (Scott/Gatch, 2000, pg29). This made it even easier for women to go to a clinic to receive an abortion. Today this issue is again taking surface in American politics after the new president George W.

Bush was inaugurated. Today abortion is perhaps the most divisive issue in our nation, around which the passions are especially strong and politicians usually try to avoid. However, throughout his presidential campaign Bush has frequently advocated his pro-life views. Just recently Bush revoked the distribution of money overseas to support foreign countries funding for abortions and plan parenthood type organizations. This move by Bush could lead us as American citizens to predict that Bush will further express his views through congress. For the pro-choice activists this could be huge in their fight against government regulation on personal rights. It means that the pro-life people and George W. Bush are getting even closer to some kind of regulation. Both pro-life and pro-choice have valid arguments against one and other in this seemingly endless debate, but personally I throw my support toward the pro-choice activists.

The pro-life supporters should be feeling...