The Security Industry in South Africa: A history on the business enterprise.

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Security in South Africa started when the 1820 settlers arrived, they had people in charge of watching or

guarding the ships and the contents of the ships while the rest of the crew were out searching for the benefits of the lands. My father started our business Q Security Services in the early 1980's at the age of 24, starting of only in Durban with just 7 guards in his employment. Our company has grown over the years and to date we have exactly 675 staff as permanent guards and we have clients from Cape Town, Johannesburg, the north and south coasts of Kwa-Zulu? Natal and also in the Mpumalanga province. I have been involved in the company for the past 6 years. Its a risky business but it's worth it in terms of earning and making money.

The topic I have chosen for my project is one that I think is one of the most important sectors in life that affects everyone.

Everyone needs to be safe. South Africa has one of the highest crime rates in the world as a result of the unemployment of in the country. The S.A.P.S do the best they can to prevent and lower the crimes like hijacking in the country but they can only do so much, they just like any other human being won't put their life on the line to recover a motor vehicle. The statistics show that hijacking is occurs mainly in residential areas where the police rarely patrol, unless needed. If residential chose to hike up their security by employing guards on every street corner or having a patrol car in the vicinity then the chances of crime would decrease dramatically.

In my essay I will focus on the need for security in South Africa with media research.