Self Mutilation- Why do people intentionally injure themselves?

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Self mutilation is something that many people do not understand. People tend to look

down on or think badly of people who do this. They may believe that these actions are

simply to get attention or that it is a way of manipulating people. But, in reality these

thoughts are very wrong. So many self mutilators will suffer in silence either unable to

express these problems with others or often for the fear of being ridiculed or

misunderstood by their peers. Self injury is also known as self abuse, deliberate self harm,

self mutilation as well as parasuicidal behavior.

More extensive study has been done since 1984 on understanding and identifying

the three components of self harming acts; directness, lethality and repetition.

Directness refers to how intentional the act of mutilation was and whether the was

done during a period of time that the person of fully aware of what they were doing and

the harmful effects that it had as well.

Lethality is the likeliness of suicide being

committed during these acts and Repetion is the understanding of whether the act of doing

repeatedly over a period of time.

Self mutilation have many facets that are usually not understood by many people

and those that understand it are those in the medical field that have studied, counseled or

have studies this mental health problem. Self mutilations usually surface especially in

females between the ages of 16 and 25. Their are so many different reasons that someone

may turn to self mutilation but to name a few of the most prevalent I would have to say

are to escape from their emptiness and depression trying to ease the tensions in their

everyday lives, relieving anger and trying to escape the numbness that they are suffering


Some of...