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When we look around at our planet we see a lot of people acting selfishly, but most of them are unhappy. How can this be? They should be feeling good! After all, that is what being selfish means, doesn't it -- looking out for your happiness?

Of course, most people would say the reason selfish people are unhappy is BECAUSE they are acting selfishly. By acting selfishly, it is said, we give in to our baser nature, commonly called "human nature." Human nature is supposed to be a condition which can't be altered -- it's just a part of life. We have to fight against our baser nature, it is said, in order to get to a place of balance.

The common wisdom goes: if you are selfish, you will probably be unhappy because you care little for anyone but yourself.

I will try to show that this statement is the exact opposite of the truth; that the "me-me" selfishness people often display is an inversion of a true, divine impulse.

We reject the idea of selfishness, in the belief that allowing ourselves and others (especially our children) to do as they please will lead to chaos. But it is the denial of what we want that causes us to lash out and harm each other. True selfishness always leads to joy.

Let me explain it this way:

Every being on this planet is connected to source energy in greater or lesser degree. That source energy is the energy of life. If you don't believe this, go to a hospital and observe some cadavers!

Those who deny themselves this connection are the most confused, and the most unhappy. It is only when we are selfish enough to be, do and act as we desire, that we stay connected to source...