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As a Senator for the sophomore class of 2001-2002 I will dedicate my schedule and life around Senate. I plan to apply myself to the program to help modify the sophomore class by maintaining my responsibilities as a Senator. I will participate in the given activities and voice my opinion on what I feel will make the sophomore student body better. I will listen to the president and perform the given duties that I am asked to do.

I am a very hard working person and am focused on the purpose for being in Student Senate. I am loyal and true to my word. My leadership skills have been shown in the past by being the 2nd Vice-president at Hermosa Jr. High School as an 8th grader. That year I attended a state meeting and participated in the production of the class banner and scrapbook. Which both won 1st place at the state convention.

I fully understand the responsibilities and duties as a member of Student Senate. I have confidence in what the sophomore class can become. If we all can work together successfully then there are no boundaries that cannot be reached. Together the sophomore class can accomplish all of our goals and become the best class this school has yet to see.

I hope to gain from Senate more confidence in myself and an improvement in the class of 2004's student government. I also hope to become disciplined in a program that teaches about the payoffs of hard work and dedication. I expect to gain organization skills, a confidant attitude, leadership skills, and understanding of others. I hope to gain a confidant voice and well thought opinion to help with the sophomore class. Student Leadership is a class that I hope to take that will help me personally achieve these goals, more importantly to help improve the sophomore class. I take full responsibility for the expectations and standards that I have set for the class Senate and myself. I will strive to succeed to make the sophomore class function effectively, productively, and successfully. I feel that the sophomore class of 2004 has a lot of potential to become the best possible. I truly believe that the sky isn't the limit; it is only the beginning of what is possible.