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With so many things taking place around the world since September 11th including the economic deficit in America, the last and only thing that you think would not be affect is now been targeted. Education is the issue at hand and now it is been targeted. The key to success as many as claimed it to be, is now been used as a monetary profit in the state of New York. The Governor, along with many of the State's legislators or looking for ways to compensate for their budget deficit and one such way is to increase the cost of education. Using education as a solution to recover from an economic slump is totally wrong and is also wrong on the Governor and the State's Legislators part.

The State University of New York (SUNY) Board of Trustee along with the Governor George Pataki proposed a 41% tuition increase for the school year 2003-2003.

This proposal was made in the Governor's recent State of the State address. After the revelation was made, there have been large uproar across the state along with a lot of negative press about the issue mostly directed towards the Governor and the Board of Trustees. Both students, special interest groups, individuals that are involved in the education field and people from all walks of life are denouncing the possible tuition increase that will take place across the state. They think the increase will be too severe for many students and their families because of the extra money that they will have to generate to fund their college education. With an increase of this magnitude, tuition at a SUNY school would increase from $3,400 per semester to $4,800 per semester. If implemented, students will have to face an increase of $1,400 per semester.

A college...