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1 Purpose

The purpose of this paper is to describe how to design the service cape of fast food restaurant in the University of Luton. For the purpose of this paper, using the theory and practice to examiner how the design will satisfy the consumers' and company needs at the time. Each topic will focus on the concept, role and importance of the servicescape.

2 Introduction

The University of Luton plans to build an atrium over the car park in front of "B" block. In order to satisfy the students' needs for a food service, a fast food restaurant as one of the food facilities will be constructed in the atrium which is a bit of a walk from the library and near the parking space. It is very convenience for students in the University of Luton.

However, service purchases are more perceived risk than the purchase of goods/products.

It cannot be directed examine until it is purchased. The variability and the non-standardized nature of services lead to uncertainty about the actual cost and product performance and make it difficult for the consumer to evaluate alternatives before purchase. Moreover, a consumer may even experience opposite results from different service encounters with the same provider. The uncertainty results a consumer of a credence service are faced with numerous alternatives.

In order to reduce consumer uncertainty, the mean of adding the physical evidence particular servicescapes and fostering loyalty of brands will performance. The tangible elements of the services includes the physical environment is which a service encounter takes place, the design of buildings, their cleanliness and the appearance of staff present important tangible evidence on which a buyer is able to differentiate one service provider from another (Palmer 2001). Booms and Biter (1981, p36) servicescapes as the environment in which...