Shakespeare's play in "Midsummer's Night's Dream".

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A Midsummer's Night Dream is a classic tale about six couples who share together their devoted love, hatred and remorse throughout Shakespeare's play. Still today the well known script is much loved and of thought of after 500 years as being one of the best well known and loved plays of history. The title Midsummer's Night's Dream gives you a lot of clues and ideas of what the play is going to be about, as if you break the title up you see "Dream" this makes you think of a day dream, something that is make believe, un realistic and all in your mind. "Midsummer" is thought as a time through the season where it's hot and sunny as well as portraying happiness in addition joy." Night" however is a more complicated word with different kinds of thoughts on what this word could be saying to the reader. In one way you think of love and passionate however the word night often is used in context with nightmares and evil, which could then relate to the word "Dream" which is in the name of the play.

Therefore the name tells you a lot about what the play could be about and creates lots of thoughts in who the charactors are and where it could be set.

Helena and Demetruis are a mixed up couple; Helena is strong minded and desperate as well as obsessive with Demetrius; however he is not all what he seems; he's nasty, mean and shallow and discards Helena and what ever she tries to give him. Here is couple which fights for different kinds of love. Helena chasing for every bit of attention she can get from Demetruis while he adores and bewilds himself with Hermia's great beauty, he does not care for Helena as he...