"The Shawshank Redemption": plots in both the movie and the book, explanation on which was better.

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In both the novel and the movieprison is defined as a scaled down model of the outside world. This definition of prison is proven through out both versions by way of the use of corruption, the redemption of the main character, and through the belief of hope.

In the world there are politicians constantly laundering funds for their own benefit and these are the people society has in positions of authority. In the "Shawshank Redemption" the same is happening in their system but instead of politicians as the figures of authority they have wardens. The novel better portrays the corruption in society because unlike the movie the novel has more then one warden. The novel has three wardens altogether. The first warden introduced is Byron Hadley whom was the longest warden in charge. After Hadley retired George Dunahy replaced him, and when Dunahy left Samuel Norton succeeded him.

Making a point to have the three wardens through out the novel is an important fact because they each had qualities that separated them from each other like candidates in an election.

For example, Hadley is an extreme pessimist who instead of making dirty money inherits money legitimately. Andy, the main character, advises him on how to keep all of the money away from the government. This act seems to be the beginning of the corruption because while it is legal it isn't exactly honest. Hadley leaves without doing anything for the prison itself even though a convict assisted him. The following warden, Dunahy has obtained a degree in penal administration before being employed at Shawshank and like Hadley he reaps the benefits of being warden without doing anything for the inmates.

Finally, Norton is introduced, a man who seems to have a strong belief in the lord. While he...