Sherlock Holmes: The Hounds Of The Baskervilles

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Sherlock Holmes, The Hound of the Baskervilles.

Author: Arthur Conan Doyle.

Does this book have an introduction? No this book does not have an introduction.

Does it have a preface? No this book does not have a preface.

After reading the preface, what you learn? Although there was not a preface to this book, I learned from the retrospection and after-word that Mr. Stapleton was the killer of Sir Charles Baskerville. In a retrospection it told you the clues in the mind of Mr. Holmes, Letting you know why he came up with his final conclusion.

What is the difference between an introduction and a preface? The difference between an introduction and a preface is that an introduction usually tells you what the story is about in the beginning. A preface is a brief statement about the story.

How many chapters are there? In the book The Hound of the Baskerville there are 15 chapters.

CHARACTERS Chapter 1 Sherlock Holmes - main character, brilliant mind, smokes a pipe, wears plaid suit and a hat, clean-shaven Dr.Watson "“ can be referred toas Holmes' sidekick or partner in crime solving. Brilliant mind also.

Dr. James Mortimer "“ Tall, thin man, friend to Sir Charles Baskerville, was Sir Charles Baskerville Physician.

Sir Charles Baskerville "“ Another victim on the long string of Baskerville slayings. Elderly man, heart problem.

Hound "“ a dog, which is described as a "hell hound". Blue eyes with blue flame. Shows up at Baskerville Hall. Belonged to Mr. Stapleton.

Chapter 2 Sir Henry Baskerville - Small man, dark eyes, thick black eyebrows, 30 years, nephew of Sir Charles Baskerville, currently resides at Baskerville Hall.

Mr. Stapleton "“ Resides at Merripit House; a Naturalist. Admitted to killing Sir Charles Baskerville.

Mr. Barrymore "“ Butler of Baskerville Hall.

Hugo Baskerville...