Shirley Chisholm Vs. Barbara Jordan

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Shirley Chisholm and Barbara Jordan were both very important African American women. They both had many accomplishments in their lives. Whether they were educating people, leading rebellions, or working as politicians, their lives were alike in some ways and different in some ways.

Shirley Chisholm was born on November 30, 1924, in Brooklyn, New York. Shirley's mother, Ruby Seale was a native of Barbados. Her father's name was Charles St. Hill, but he was born in British Guinea. He was brought up in Barbados and Cuba though (Williams 306). The St. Hill parents were very strict toward their daughters. They went to church, never dated, and when Shirley was offered a scholarship, was not allowed to take it. This was because her parents couldn't afford it. Shirley's family was very poor (Williams 307).

In Shirley's early childhood, she met Conrad Chisholm. Conrad was a private investigator. In 1949, Shirley St.

Hill was married to Conrad Chisholm. Shirley St. Hill then became Shirley Chisholm. Shirley and Conrad later divorced in 1977.

Shirley Chisholm was not only a politician, but she was also an educator and a feminist (Williams 306). To become an educator, she went to Brooklyn College. In 1964, Shirley graduated from Brooklyn College with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in sociology. Shirley also attended Columbia University. There, she worked for a graduate degree. In 1952, she graduated with a Master of Arts Degree (Adams 56). "Shirley's choice of becoming a teacher, was based on the realities of her time" (Williams 307).

Her choice was especially the fact that African American women didn't have many jobs to choose from (Williams 307).

As a feminist Shirley led rebellions for women that allowed them to speak for themselves. This was unheard of at the time and some people made racist...