shores of the gulf

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Ryan Bullis

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Shores of the Gulf

Everyone has an amazing vacation that will never seem to forget. Gulf shores, Alabama is an extravagant place that my family and I take a trip to every other year. It is the place where I can go to leave all of my troubles; the place where I could sit forever and stare into the deepest blue you will ever see. This place is the ocean. The beach is where I was able to enjoy myself to the fullest. The environment was enlightening. Everything from the place we stayed to the people I met made this experience unforgettable.

As I sit down on the sand, my mind begins to unwind. The many spectacular sights jump up into my sight. As far as I can see, my sight is turquoise water. Looking farther out, I see dolphins peaking out of the water. I cannot help but to think to myself how it would feel to be so careless and free. Their gray color shimmers a fiery orange from the bright sky. Relaxing a bit more, I become more aware of the sedating sounds around me. The sea gulls seem to be talking to each other while they skim the shore. The ocean's tide crashes, making a steady beat that quickly forms a song like rhythm. The massive waves become a comforting sound, caressing my ears.

Standing up, I can feel the sun's rays embrace my skin. While walking down the shore, my body becomes consumed with chills as the grainy, wet sand squishes between my toes. The wind blows ever so softly and tousles my hair away from my face. This same breeze glides across my skin, keeping it pleasantly warm making me feel as if it is hugging me warmly.

The horizon of the beach stretched across my entire field of view in the most spectacular fashion. The massive plain of crystal clear water is all I could see ahead of me. The beautiful color which seemed to be a mix of pink and orange fills the dark blue sky and colors the cotton like clouds. Looking up, you can see the sea gulls circle in the air. The calm ocean reflects this fascinating color in the way which only it can. The smell which these waves conjure is rather soft and salty, which is so luscious.

As the sun is setting, the sky becomes a pleasant purple color and the stars start to become visible. The sea gulls are flying towards the last rays of the glowing sun, off into the ocean. The waves are calming down and are slowly creeping up onto shore. The warmth of the air is beginning to be replaced by a subtle chill. As time passes, the sky progressively becomes a black, almost looking like a dark void. The wind is picking up in strength and the deathly cold it brings seems to replace your spine with ice. The sea gulls are all gone, but their cries become just a whisper.