Short biography on Joseph Stalin, a world leader.

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Joseph Stalin was a dictator of the U.S.S.R from 1929 until 1953. He rose from poverty to become ruler of the country that covered one sixth of all the land area of the world. Stalin had unusual personality traits, he was very intimidating (productive and feared), influential (spreading Stalinism), and very dominating (control over industry).

Stalin ruled by intimidation for most of his years in office. He didn't allow anybody to say anything about his ideas. Stalin killed all that had helped him rise to power because he thought they would threaten his rules. Stalin was responsible for millions of deaths of Soviet peasants who did not agree with his program called the "Collective Agriculture" meaning the government would have control of all the farms.

Under Stalin's commands, the Soviet Union operated a worldwide system of communist parties. By the time Stalin died, communism had spread to other countries.

His style of rule became known as "Stalinism" and repeated to influence many other countries.

The people of the Soviet Union began to hate Stalin, and most of the world feared him. Do to his "Iron grip" over the country, the people would obey him without hesitation or fear the consequences, thus changing the Soviet Union from one of the most undeveloped countries to one of the most industrial nations. It became one of the military powers in the world.

Included in these changes, were his uses of the "Stalin method" for the industry. All industries in Russia were under the control of the government. He made a Five-Year Plan to restrict production of consumer goods, and authorize in state-owned mines, industry, railroads, and energy resources. Russia became an industrialized strength with Stalin's help, but took serious consequences with the deaths of many.

All in all...